Sunday, July 31, 2011

May We Be a Source of Happiness

I’m having trouble settling into writing because I miss my pal – Maisie’s usually curled up next to me as I write. She’s fine, just elsewhere at the moment, leaving me surprised at my sense of loss.

Which is ironic, because I’ve spent this past week sharing stories of actual loss of animal companions with people. People who’ve lost pets, of course, but also dog walkers, kennel owners, and vet techs – people who treat and care for animals and come to know them – they mourn, too, and can mourn hard. When we get to know another being, bonds form, bonds beyond language and our ordinary understanding.

There’s another, darker side to the story, too. At the SPCA last week, the surprise animal for the toddlers we host for “Little Bookworms” each week was an eight week puppy named Bounce: this beautiful, affectionate female had fallen from a balcony, and been left on the pavement until neighbors found her and brought her to the rescue center. It’s hard to imagine someone allowing such a thing to happen, but, sadly, the folks at the SPCA see this kind of thing all too often.

So today I’m in a prayerful mood, prayer as a way to witness and to center my spirit on what is good and true so these realities can light the way when lost or in despair.

Spirit of Life, hear my deepest wish: may I care for the well-being of others, may my mistakes and thoughtlessness be forgiven, may my life be a blessing to others, and may I give thanks each day for all the blessings others give to me.

Spirit of love, may my heart lead, my mind prevail and my hands reach out to bring about a more beautiful and just world for all who share it.

Give me the strength to know what I may change, the courage to face what can’t be altered, and the wisdom to know which is which.

Thank you for the companionship of all who dwell beside me. May I be a worthy companion to them.

Blessed be. May it be so.

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  1. I met a woman working part-time at Petco today who shared her story about finding her beloved dog missing one day when left in a fenced yard. Dognappers got him (an expensive purebred) as well as a neighbor's down the street the same afternoon. Horrible. It happened to her years ago, yet her eyes still misted up as she recounted her loss. Any human who can bring harm to an animal is the one to pray for. They have no compassion, no empathy, no sense of the spirit of life and love that binds the world.